Sharx Security ONVIF IP cameras

Our new HTNC series with open connectivity support the ONVIF S standard for direct compatibility with industry leading software and recording solutions. 
Sharx Security cameras and recording solutions are independent of external servers and fully owned by the customer without fees, contracts, terms of service, or artificial storage limits. In addition to our own free 64 camera Video Management System (VMS) we fully support the popular Milestone VMS. We also provide free installation support for LuxRiot, Aimetis, BlueIris, SecuritySpy, Netcam, IPTimeLapse, Sighthound, and many other ONVIF S compatible surveillance and security software packages. For public cameras we support rebroadcasting with Wowza, Unreal, Telestream and other streaming solutions.


While battery operated motion clip cameras or doorbell cameras might work for relatively small residences that aren't too busy, these types of consumer products are generally inadequate for higher value residences. Sharx Security HTNC cameras allow for continuous recording of many high resolution cameras so that you can keep track of absolutely everything that happens. And instead of being limited to the fish-eye view of a doorbell camera, many of the Sharx Security HTNC series have motorized optical zoom and focus to allow you to choose the perfect viewing angle for each vantage point.


Commercial and Government

From the top of the line 4K PTZ model with 30x optical zoom and 1000 ft night vision to the entry level domes or bullets, all new Sharx Security HTNC cameras feature rock-solid construction ideal for commercial installations. Recording and remote access solutions range from 16 and 32 camera 4K network video recorders to a unique system capable of linking up to 8 4K NVRs for a comprehensive 64 camera overview and even backup recortding of 4K cameras at multiple locations.The higher end cameras in this series are made in Korea for commercial grade quality and reliability


Industrial and OEM

When features are secondary and nothing but the best available video quality matters, or when specialized industrial applications call for a customized design, Sharx Security offers HDNC series cameras or subassemblies with solid aluminum housings and choice of optics. Unmatched sharpness in 5 Megapixel video with just 2 Mbits data rate. For the most direct supervision over the production process, these models are made in New Hampshire, USA.

Popular choices of our 2020 product lineup

New IP cameras for business, industry and law enforcement


INDOOR / Outdoor DOME camera

4MP camera with brilliant colors, 4X motorized zoom


Specialized License plate Camera

License plate capture camera ideal for use with OpenALPR software


Indoor / outdoor PTZ DOME

Professional features with 60 fps performance,  20x optical zoom


4K / 8 MP outdoor camera

8 Megapixel resolution and 3X motorized zoom with wide angle

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