$599.00 MSRP* (with 2 TB installed)

(* discounts available for resellers, repeat customers and volume purchases)

The Sharx Security HTNR16560 is a network video recorder appliance for up to 16 Sharx Security HTNC series or similar fully ONIVF compatible cameras. It offers vastly more storage than possible with MicroSDs in the cameras and also elimintates the need to dedicate a computer to the recording task. It can operate standalone creating its own network for cameras or can be used with your router and internet service for local and remote access. In short, it is a simple, efficient solution for massive storage with powerful computing allowing smooth, real time, virually lag free display.

  • Record, view, and control (pan/tilt/zoom) up to 16 cameras
  • Record 16 cameras at up to 3MP resolution, or 4x 5MP + 12x full HD
  • Display up to 16 cameras on attached full HD TV or monitor or both at the same time
  • Recording throughput up to 128 Mbps, allowing for 16 cameras at up to 8 Mbps
  • Provides up to 120 watts total power on PoE ports
  • Supports up to 2 hard drives with 10 TB each for a total of 20 TB storage
  • No cloud, no fees, no limits on accessing your own data
  • Storage is expandable with standard SATA hard drives
  • Continuous recording supported on most current generation ONVIF compatible cameras
  • Suports Video Content Analysis for smart motion detection with Sharx HTNC series cameras
  • Multiple NVRs can be integrated into larger systems viewable from a central location
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Popular Item

This item is popular due to instant setup and massive storage. When used with our HTNC4403DM,, HTNC4420PTZ, or HTNC4503M camera, all you need to do is to connect the NVR to power and a TV or monitor and to plug a Cat5e cable from the camera into one of the ports in the back. The NVR will then display and record the connected cameras.